Broken into six key sectors that drive the tactical gear market, Gear Up Magazine aims to bring you a selection of the finest products in each of our carefully deliberated sections. Whether you’re looking to procure items at a battalion level or are an individual in charge of bringing a plethora of tactical equipment to your customers, Gear Up Magazine aims to do the hard work, so you do not have to.


The tactical gear market is forever evolving, and with that evolution comes the necessity of adapting to it. Our ‘Tactical’ section aims to make that process as easy as possible, bringing you a number of key components, allowing you to equip the modern-day Warfighter to the best of your ability.





Ensuring your customers can count on the protective equipment you supply them is of the utmost importance. Our ‘Protection’ section endeavours to provide you with numerous options, enabling you to best serve your clientele, allowing them to operate in the harshest environments known to man.






It is no secret that military and law enforcement personnel spend long periods of time on their feet. Due to this, it is imperative that the options you have on offer provide unrivalled comfort, protection, and support, allowing them to fight harder, for longer, with no unwanted issues.





The firearms market is slowly becoming inundated with equipment that simply isn’t up to the task it was created for. With a plethora of optics and accessories on the market, Gear Up Magazine will ensure that you are providing your customers with products that will withstand the test of time.





The modern-day Warfighter is often dropped in hostile locations, and ensuring the equipment they’re carrying is capable of dealing the numerous areas of operation is key. Ranging from a variety of tools to sleeping bags, our ‘Bushcraft’ section aims to provide the very best in outdoor equipment.




Medical equipment by design is created to save lives. Our ‘Medical’ section aims to look at a range of equipment that is best suited to this role; from full-blown medical kits through to Individual First-Aid Kits, making sure your clientele is amply prepared for a worst-case scenario.