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The United Kingdom Special Forces are among some of the most effective warfighters in the world, with the Special Air Service, the Special Boat Service and the Special Reconnaissance Regiment having numerous successful operations between them. In fact, UKSF are often recognised as the elite of the elite by others within the tier 1 community. What happens then when those individuals lay down their equipment and look towards creating equipment, making use of years’ worth of experience at the tip of the spear?


ThruDark are exactly that – a company created by two retired operators serving within the United Kingdom’s Special Forces. After a combined 18 years’ of service within the SBS, ThruDark was created, looking to apply a vast amount of experience with the highest specification kit and clothing each founding member had, and simply improve on it. Having spent numerous years at the tip of the spear, ThruDark’s founders were more than aware of the shortcomings of some of the equipment they used, with a critical mindset formed in regard to the way it performed in a multitude of environments.

This has given ThruDark an advantage, with the company being well aware of what works and what doesn’t – stripping away the excess on a product to leave the end-user with a product that performs admirably in its intended AO. This ensures that the end-user can simply enjoy the elements and concentrate on the task at hand, with no inkling of doubt placed in the clothing that is being utilised.

From the design process to the materials used, ThruDark meticulously negotiate each hurdle with the utmost of attention paid. In regard to material selection, ThruDark’s co-founders ensure that only the best materials are utilised. Following this, each product goes through an advanced prototyping system, with each garment tested in all weather extremes to ascertain its overall functional capability. From here, ThruDark return to the prototype, ensuring that any issues that were raised are addressed, and any fabric changes are realised. This process then repeats until ThruDark are entirely happy with the outcome. At this point, the prototype is shipped to Italy; a company renowned for its manufacturing capabilities, and produced for use.



The Cohæsive™ System embeds functional components into the fabric of a garment. It includes an engineered adhesive, tools and procedures to install the world’s best cord management hardware. The cordlock redefined. Every detail has been scrutinised to provide the best experience for design teams, factories, and above all… the end user.

– Direct grip, easy one-handed adjustments

– Covertly installed components make the technology almost invisible

– Embedded components become as strong as the fabric around them


Breathable shelter from the storm. At eVent, they believe that waterproof/breathable should also mean dry and comfortable. eVent fabrics was the first to engineer and use patented Direct Venting technology so rain can’t get in but sweat can get out instantly.

– Highly water proof

– Wind proof

– Extremely breathable


Be searchable: In case of avalanches and emergencies or if lost in the outdoors, RECCO rescue reflectors make you searchable by organised rescue teams searching with RECCO detectors. RECCO TECHNOLOGY IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR AN AVALANCHE TRANSCEIVER.

– Search

– Detect

– Rescue




The outstanding Ceraspace™ technology from Schoeller® owes its outstanding protective properties to a unique composition of special ceramic particles anchored in a polymer matrix. The special ceramic particles are nearly as hard as diamonds and are firmly attached as a 3-dimensional coating to the textile, making it a completely abrasion-proof protective fabric – perfect for the demanding environments the end-user may find themselves in.


Dyneema® is the trade name given to fibers made with high molecular weight polyethylene. Its properties, such as its strength, lightness, versatility and resistance to chemical and abrasive, agents, make it an ideal yarn for high performance technical fabrics.Dyneema® brand has become a benchmark yarn for this type of fibers, lighter than any other similar yarn on the market and being constantly improved through R&D.


By combining a tightly woven face fabric with a microporous coating, Pertex® Quantum Pro delivers a very high level of water resistance whilst remaining lightweight, soft and breathable. The increased weather resistance and durable construction means these fabrics are ideal for use in cold or damp environments where keeping warm and dry is crucial.

– Highly water resistant

– Durable construction

– Maximises the thermal efficiency of insulation



14 years distinguished and decorated military service, 8 within UKSF.

“We have spent the majority of our military careers within United Kingdom special forces.  In this time we’ve endured some of the world’s most arduous environments in extremely demanding circumstances.

ThruDark was born out of our constant requirement for the best clothing and equipment to assist us in this ‘Endeavour Through Adversity’.

The brand name ‘Thru-Dark’ represents the endurance through difficult situations experienced not only by ourselves and our colleagues but to all those who encounter hardship in their own lives.”


13 years distinguished and decorated military service, 10 within UKSF.

“We have operated and thrived in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. Our background gives us first-hand experience in developing our products for a broad spectrum of climates from extreme cold tundra, humid jungle to searing, arid desert.

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using a diverse range of world-leading fabrics that are continually tested and developed by ourselves and our close network of Operators around the globe.

We are proud to exhibit all of our design, development and manufacturing processes to our consumers.  We operate with complete transparency to allow a complete understanding of our products’ worth”


14 years distinguished and decorated military service, 10 within UKSF.

“Operational experiences define our products’ functions so that capability is not compromised.  Each garment has been through rigorous testing and multiple stages of development before we are prepared to launch our latest products.

We push ourselves and our products to the limits to ensure that each and every product meets end-user demands.  Failure is unacceptable and we will always ensure that we are constantly improving.

We ruthlessly test and critique all products ourselves making no compromise on performance. That’ll do, will never do”

14 years distinguished and decorated military service, 10 within UKSF.


Over the next couple of months’ we will be taking an in-depth look at two products from the ThruDark range that have caught our eye, the Zodiac Jacket and the Phalanx Fleece. To give you an idea on what to expect, we’ve included a small overview of each product direct from ThruDark, allowing you a small insight into each product prior to the full feature on each product.


 When the heavens open give yourself some freedom of movement … move heaven and earth.

An extremely versatile jacket utilising ThruDark’s robust RIPPER 3-layer waterproof fabric across the shoulders and hood – the same RIP-STOP material designed for specialist military units. The body and arms are enhanced with a 4-way stretch water resistant fabric allowing for dynamic movements without compromising on performance.  The helmet compatible hood has been incorporated with Cohæsive™ cord lock technology for rapid adjustments.


  • 3-Layer waterproof ripstop shoulders and hood.
  • 4-Way stretch body to allow for a diverse range of functional movements.
  • Upper arm and hood velcro patches designed to incorporate reflective patches, emergency strobes and lighting systems for use in emergency situations.
  • Cohaesive cord lock system hood.
  • Elasticated and velcro adjustable cuffs.
  • 2 YKK aquaguard zip arm pockets and 2 YKK aquaguard zip micro fleece lined hand warmer pockets for multiple storage options.
  • Oversized hood peak for protection against sunlight and showers.
  • 3 elasticated drawcords for correct hood fitment.
  • ThruDark Insignia patches compatible
  • Weight of this garment is 695 grams (approx) this was based on a size Large



Phalanx formation – prepare to ADVANCE!

The SF Thrudark Phalanx Fleece is a mid-layer designed to provide essential warmth for layering up in mid-low temperature environments.  The body’s natural warmth is contained in thermal air pockets constructed from precision knit, napped, and sheared polyester.  HIGHLOFT consists of hydrophobic yarns that repel moisture and speed dry times. This symmetrical design is not only soft, but also reduces surface friction for versatile layering options.  External hand and chest pockets provide stowage for mission essential items.  


  • POLARTEC® HIGH LOFT™ insulation
  • Mid-low Warmth, Breathable
  • Elasticated thumb loops
  • 2 YKK® zip chest pockets
  • 2 YKK® hand pockets
  • Internal dump pockets
  • ThruDark Insignia patches compatible
  • Weight of this garment is 575 grams (approx) this was based on a size Large
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